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A bounce house when run tightly organized and efficiently can put 100 children through, MAXIUM in one hour. BUT an obstacle course in that same hour can put over 500 kids, teens and adults through! Rent an obstacle course for your public event and get a World of Sports, jr.inflatable completely free!


We rent Fully Licensed, Official Disney, Official Universal Studios, Official Nickelodeon, Official Marvel Comics, Official WB (Warner Brothers) and The Incredible World of DIC themed inflatable fun jump houses, castles, wet and dry slides, obstacle courses, and combo units that have jump, climbing slides, basketball and even some with obstacle courses built into one unit!

It starts with our leadership.

Our company owner is the ONLY official representative for the inflatable industry as documented with an NJ State Board Commission on the New Jersey State Carnival Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board (CARSAB, NJ's official regulatory agency) Recommended by the division, endorsed by the Governor and unanimously approved by the NJ State Senate. We know 'our stuff' and we are acknowledged by our peers, State, independent inspectors, regulatory agencies, the NJ Governor, the NJ Senate, and our customers for 'doing it right.'

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We help you with kid's parties and all party event plans for children, schools, churches and camps!

Inflatable moonwalks, fun food machines, carnival games, tables, chairs, and craft machines are all available for your party rental! Here are a few quick ways to rent castles, bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, inflatable combo units, water slides, popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone machines, traditional carnival games, indoor moonwalks, children and adult chairs, tables, - all party rental needs right now, right away, in real time! We will have your party jumping! Children's party rentals for Central NJ parties!

Health and Social Benefits of Inflatable Air Castles and Obstacle Courses

by Debra Henderson, MS 2013

Inflatable bouncers, jump houses, and obstacle courses, are often thought of as recreational devices for children’s parties, school field days, church carnivals and company parties, though they provide good opportunities for healthy activity. The inflatable play structures kids love provide heart, lung, and muscle building such as sustained cardio-vascular fitness, endurance, enhancement of proprioception, development of physical education skills and psychomotor skills of climbing up, over, under, around and through objects in a safe environment as well as negotiating correct sliding positions as the body moves through space. There is also a strong social skills component as children cooperate in a designated jump space or traverse through an obstacle course together. So let them jump, bounce, climb through an obstacle course and slide down and inflatable slide knowing it isn’t just fun and games they are having fun, staying healthy and learning new skills! (Sources; Henderson, 2013; Quinn, 2008; 2009; 2012; Ford-Martin; Sports Medicine; 2008-2012; Wikipedia, 2012; 2013)

Air Castles and Slides is high above the competition!

Here are some more reasons to rent from Air Castles and Slides:

They are known by many names

Air Castles, Slides, Moonwalk, Jump houses, inflatables, bounce houses, obstacles, party houses, fun houses, 'bouncie things kids jump in at parties'- but whatever you call them we have many different kinds for your events and parties for Central NJ Children, schools, camps, and churches. Also good for scouts, after the wedding parties, open house, school's out party and any thing you want to celebrate!

Air Castles And Slides party rentals central NJ Two girls race down the Obstacle Slide. Nothing cools like a summer water slide! Dry slides are also avaiable by themselves or as part of a combo unit or obstacle course. Slides come in many themes - find your favorite design!

Two girls racing down the slide on The Sports Obstacle Course.

Air Castles And Slides party rentals central NJ


World of Sports jr. free rental when you rent an obstacle course for a public event, school, church or camp! Air Castles And Slides games and fun food party rentals central NJ Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Polar Pete Sno Cones, carnival traditional wooden carnival games the whole family will love! Frog Hop, Skee Roll, Shuffle Board, Darts, Fat Cats, Can Toss, Tip A Troll, Frisbee Toss, Golf

Children sliding, playing, and crafting at the 'best party ever!'

Book with us - we create warm, fun memories for your children!

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